KlikyBalls – The Best Stress-Buster


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Are you constantly stressed out these days due to the continuous pressure at your workplace? If so, then let’s discuss about a famous product here that is known to alleviate stress to a great extent. Yes! I am talking about buckyballs, the small magnetic spheres that have amazing stress busting properties.

Buckyballs are small spheres made of rare-earth magnet, neodymium and thus can be used to make plenty of shapes and sizes. Making shapes to reduce stress! Does it sound confusing? Well, you don’t have to be because you’d get totally indulged in the activity and forget about the issues that got you stressed out earlier. Such is the charm of these buckyballs that you can make countless shapes and sizes using them. The strong magnetic force of attraction between these buckyballs ensures that the shapes you make do not break ever.

The patterns that you make using these magnetic balls can range from simple polygonal shapes to complex configurations. Moreover, you can also use these as a desktop novelty at your home as well as your workplace. At first, you can try creating simple shapes and once you become experienced in handling these balls, you can try for more complex patterns.

If you’re not in a mood to make shapes using these amazing buckyballs, try grabbing some of these and then squeeze them in your palm. This works well, especially if you’re feeling exhausted and stressed out after a hectic day’s work. By mashing these buckyballs in your palm, you’d experience a soothing effect that would in turn make you feel all the more relieved. The healing properties of the magnets will make you feel good.



                               Uses Of Buckyballs

After reading such amazing benefits of buckyballs, I am sure you’d be planning to buy them at the earliest. Well, then I’d recommend you to go for KlikyBalls, which is the best bucky ball product you can get in the market nowadays. KlikyBalls are made of rare-earth magnets and in a pack you’d get around 216 of them. Also, there are no instructions available on how to use these amazing stress-busters, simply because they don’t require any.

KlikyBalls can also be used for educational purposes where you can make different polygonal shapes and help your students to learn subjects like geometry more easily. However, make sure you keep these KlikyBalls beyond the reach of the toddlers in your house.

So, if you’re still pondering over how to ease off your everyday stress, buying KlikyBalls would be the ideal solution.

Enhance Learning Skills With Science Kit Toys

science kit

              Magnetic science kit

We know that scientific theories and principles can be tough to digest at times. This is why even bookworms find learning chemistry and physics a strenuous task. However, things are much different when you have science kittoys at your aid. Read ahead to know more about the advantages and unique features of the science kittoys.

Magnetic science kit toys

The science kit toy is made of compact magnetic spheres. There are two distinct magnetic poles in every sphere. You can see that one pole attracts and the other one repels. It is due to this magnetic property that you can quickly attach and detach the science kittoys into any desired shape as per your choice. One of the greatest advantages of using the science kit is that you will be able to create miniature models of aero dynamical structures like the ones you find in your physics chapters and the shapes of various chemical compounds. This will enable you to understand the theories and principles of your science lessons in a much more fun filled and interesting manner.

Nowadays teachers encourage their students to use the science kit as it enables them to score good grades in their exams. Besides that, the compact set of magnetic spheres is found to be much useful to relieve the stress and burden of studies. It is not surprising that the science kit is becoming very popular among school and college going students.

You will be able to stimulate both your left and right hemispheres of your brain while you play with the set of unique magnetic spheres. As a result, your reasoning skills, concentration and analytical capabilities will increase in a considerable manner. This will in turn enable you to do well in your class exams. Apart from studies, you can use the compact set of magnetic spheres to elevate stress and enjoy your leisure time.


desktop toy

                 Unique science kit

KlikyBalls are magnetic spheres that help you to get rid of stress and job pressure. You can twist and mold KlikyBalls into countless interesting designs and shapes. The best part is that you will always find a new pattern at the end of every shape you create with KlikyBalls. KlikyBalls are available in a wide variety of attractive colors. They come in striking gold, metallic black, sparkling red and dazzling blue editions. You can use the magnetic desktop toy to decorate your office desk or you can just hang it on to your office walls. Get a pack of KlikyBalls today itself. Forget about work pressure. Make your office hours more productive and enjoyable.

# Balls Price Per Set Cost Per Ball Savings Total Price Click Here
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648 $25.99 $0.12 $12.00 $77.97
864 $22.99 $0.11 $28.00 $91.96
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1296 $21.49 $0.0995 $51.00 $128.94
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KlikyBalls: Best Stress Buster Toy To Cope With Office Stress

Bucky Balls

                Buck Balls Desktoy

Are you stressed out? You are not alone, as millions of people across the globe are stressed out at work on a daily basis. Agreed, your brain has some tolerance when it comes to dealing with pressure or stress, but when it becomes excessive, it can quite seriously derail your health.

Even if you are young now, you are more likely to suffer from chronic health problems a decade down the road. So, nixing your stress is one of the most important things you need to do for a healthy life.

There have been various things and techniques devised to free yourself from regular stress. KlikyBalls – the bucky balls desk toy – is one of the best ways to relieve all the pent up stress you are having.

What are KlikyBalls?

KlikyBalls are magnetic bucky balls made of powerful rare earth magnets. There are 216 neodymium magnetic bucky balls in each set. Now, you may wonder how a few magnetic bucky balls can be of any use to relieve your stress.

Bucky balls are actually strong neodymium magnets, which show excellent magnetic properties. We all know what magnets are capable of: they stick to one another due to the magnetic force of attraction between them. So, these small bucky balls can be attached together to form magnificent shapes, designs, and patterns.

This is where the usefulness of these magnetic balls comes into picture. When you are bored or stressed out, you can take a break to ease your mind and play with KlikyBalls magnetic desk toy. Building some creative constructs with KlikyBalls always works out. In this way, KlikyBalls can be one of the best stress relievers.

You can play with these magnetic beads to form attractive and unique shapes. You may also experience many eureka moments while playing with these magnetic balls. Channelize your pent up stress on creating something simply amazing using KlikyBalls desk toy.

Strong Neodymium

                  Bucky Balls Stress Toy

Many a times, it is seen that when people are stressed, they express best creativity. By time you have finished creating your structure, you would realize that you are not stressed anymore. This way you can deal with your stress in a better way rather than throwing tantrums and jeopardizing your job.

Severe stress may damage your body and mind in a long run. So, try out KlikyBalls desk toy today and cope up with your office stress easily!

# Balls Price Per Set Cost Per Ball Savings Total Price Click Here
432 $27.99 $0.13 $4.00 $55.98
648 $25.99 $0.12 $12.00 $77.97
864 $22.99 $0.11 $28.00 $91.96
1080 $21.99 $0.10 $40.00 $109.95
1296 $21.49 $0.0995 $51.00 $128.94
1512 $20.99 $0.0972 $63.00 $146.93
1728 $19.99 $0.0925 $80.00 $159.92
1944 $19.49 $0.0902 $94.50 $175.41
2160 $18.99 $0.0879 $110.00 $189.90

Klikyballs – The Amazing Stress Buster Toy


           Stress Relieving Buckyball

Stress and job pressure are unwelcome guests that can adversely affect our cheerful mind. Things can go terribly wrong, especially during hectic office hours. This is why we all require an instant stress reliever to unwind ourselves. In this context, we can see that the magnetic buckyball toy proves to be the perfect option. Read along to know more about the unique desktop toy that is known as buckyball.

Magnetic toy

One of the major benefits of playing with buckyball is that we will be able to create numerous shapes and designs. It is such a joy to make fascinating patterns using the magnetic buckyball.  There are two different poles in a buckyball. One pole repels and the other one attracts. This magnetic property of the buckyball enables us to easily attach and detach the toy to create countless designs. It is interesting to know that you will always be able to see a new pattern at the end of every shape you make with the buckyball.

Your artistic skills and imagination will improve in a significant manner while you play with the magnetic desktop toy. Studies reveal that the entire brain functions will be enhanced while you play with buckyballs. This is because the right and left hemispheres of the brain will be constantly stimulated. This in turn will improve your reasoning capabilities, concentration and analytical skills. As a result, you will be able to perform your official tasks in a much more productive and fruitful manner.

Buckyballs are ideal magnetic toys for school and college going students. They will be able to learn their science and math subjects in a more enjoyable manner. It is very easy to create different shapes of chemical compounds and geometrical designs with the magnetic spheres. Another set of magnetic toys which is becoming more popular nowadays is KlikyBalls.


Magnetic Spheres

                   Magnetic Buckyball

Are you looking for an instant stress reliever to eliminate work pressure? Then KlikyBalls will prove to be one of the best options for you. Stress will never affect you when you are busy playing with KlikyBalls. KlikyBalls are available in a wide range of attractive colors. You can use the colorful magnetic spheres to decorate your office desk and walls. They will certainly be a pleasant treat to the eyes of the onlookers. The desktop toy is compact and cute. You will be able to play with it and always enjoy quality leisure time. Get a pack of the unique desktop toy today itself and forget about work pressure!

Eliminate Stressful Moments With The Unique Magnetic Balls

Magnetic Balls

                 Magnetic Desktop Toys

Stress is an inevitable factor that can adversely affect us. Tensions and stressful moments can make our office hours traumatic and affect our productivity. This is why we require an instant distraction to alleviate stress and make our minds happy. Luckily, we have a unique desktop toy that is made of strong magnetic balls. One of the main advantages of playing with the magnetic balls is that we can create countless patterns. We can easily detach and attach the desktop toy due to the magnetic properties.  The below mentioned facets will tell you more about the benefits of using magnetic balls.

Magnetic desktop toy

There is always a new design at the end of every shape you make with the magnetic balls. This is why you will be able to enjoy unlimited fun while playing with the magnetic balls. Magnets are believed to possess healing properties. This is also one reason why you can use magnetic balls to ward off stress.  The magnetic spheres are ideal to improve your concentration, reasoning skills and overall cognitive functions. You will be able to become sharper and focus on your routine tasks.

The compact magnetic balls are available in different attractive colors. You can use the cute and colorful magnetic spheres to decorate your office desk. There are almost 216 magnetic spheres in a pack of the wonderful desktop toy. You can use them whenever you feel like to enjoy your leisure times. The desktop is ideal to have fun without disturbing your colleagues and the office atmosphere. Your creativity and imagination will improve and increase once you start to play with the magnetic spheres. It is great to know that KlikyBalls is one of the most popular magnetic desktop toys. Read along to know more about the compact and wonderful KlikyBalls.

Stress Buster

                        Magnetic Spheres


Are you in search of an instant stress buster? Then KlikyBalls will prove to be one of the best options. You can also use the magnetic spheres to ward off stress when you are stuck in traffic. Stress and tensions can get you down at the least expected moments. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you always carry a pack of KlikyBalls with you. KlikyBalls can also be used as fashionable jewelry. Colorful KlikyBalls will look good on the walls of your workplace.

Hereafter, do not worry about stress. Use the special desktop toys to make your office hours fun and more enjoyable!

Buy The KlikyBalls Science Toys Set

Science Toys

                 Using Science Toys

Science toys and kits are indeed very popular. Many of the science toys you find today are designed to demonstrate a particular scientific or engineering concept taught in the science classes. The magnetic science toys are particularly popular. The KlikyBalls stress relief toy can be used as a science toys set.

Using KlikyBalls as a science toys set

KlikyBalls consist of a set of magnetic pieces that can be used to construct different shapes and structures. Since it demonstrates the working of the magnetic force, especially the force of attraction between unlike North-South poles and the force of repulsion between two North-North or South-South poles, it is really useful as a science toys set.

However, you need to take into consideration the age of the kid before you present him this science toy. The magnetic balls in the KlikyBalls set are indeed very small in size. The manufacturer has issued a warning regarding the swallowing risk this might pose, if you let small children to play with the toy.

Because of safety reasons, they are marketing the KlikyBalls toy as a stress relief toy for adults. You will find a warning label and some safety instructions informing you more about such risks and advising you to keep this toy away from the reach of small children.

Using KlikyBalls as a stress relief toy

KlikyBalls toys are designed as an office desk toy. You can place this toy on your office desk and play with it during your breaks to help reduce the work stress. When rearranging the magnetic pieces, trying to come up with new shapes and structures, your mind will be occupied solely by this activity and you will soon forget about your work-related problems.

Construction Toy

           KlikyBalls Science Toys Set

Of course, those work-related problems are not going to go away. But you will find that taking breaks like these helps to refresh your mind. You can now handle work in a relaxed and calm manner. The anxiety or stress you felt before will have disappeared.

KlikyBalls is a great construction toy and there is no limit to the number of designs and shapes you can create using these pieces. You can purchase KlikyBalls sets having 216 to 2160 magnetic pieces. They are also available in six different colours – red, green, blue, black, silver and gold. The starting price for the KlikyBalls toy set is $29.99.

Free Your Tensions Using Buckyballs

Bucky Balls

                   Bucky Balls Magnetic Toy

Nowadays, the world is moving so fast that majority of the people are not able to cope up with the pace and stress involved, which ultimately hampers your professional and personal life. There are examples where people have gone to extreme emotional grievances like the tendency to commit suicide due to the immense stress and tension they face in their everyday lives. Here comes the need of any extra activities or tools, which can free up their minds and help them to recover from these difficulties.

One of the best ways of freeing up your tensions and worries from your daily life is by making use of magnetic toys such as Bucky balls. These magnetic balls are in great demand all across the world because of the advantages provided by them. The main reason for such popularity for Bucky balls is the fact that it helps you to overcome your stress and worries very easily and that too without much effort. All you have to use is your own creativity and imagination. By using Buckyballs, one will be able to create endless shapes, which will keep you entertained every time you use Bucky Balls.

Buckyballs is actually a toy that uses the properties of magnetism to form variety of shapes and patterns. Each magnetic ball in the set has two poles among which one will attract and the other will repel. This magnetic force of attraction makes it possible to separate magnets from the sets and form countless shapes. By using this versatile Bucky balls toy, you will be able to form some shapes like planes, cars etc, which makes this toy even more special especially for children. There are several advantages offered by Bucky balls and let’s look in to them in detail.


  • It can be used to decorate your houses, office desk fridges etc.
  • It helps an individual to increase the Cognitive abilities, problem-solving capabilities, reasoning skills and concentration, making your hours in office more productive.
  • It stimulates both halves of your brain, which will help your child to score high marks in geometrical and reasoning subjects.

    Stress Toy

                  Bucky balls- The Best Stress Toy

Why Klikyballs

One of the best brand of Bucky balls that is now available in the market is Klikyballs. It contains a set of 216 magnetic balls, which usually come in many colors including red, blue and black. In fact, it is the best magnetic toy that you can make use of to overcome your stress. Moreover, it can also help to make your boring hours fun filled ones by forming various shapes and patterns.

There is no need of any instructions to use Klikyballs as you can use your own imagination and creativity for the same. Therefore, if you are looking for a good stress toy, then go for Klikyballs. Order now!

Magnets That Can Promise You Fun And Entertainment

Strong Magnets

            Choose Strong Magnets

We all love to have fun, especially when we stay busy and stressed. Office hours would be hectic and so would be the targets and meetings. When you are under tremendous work pressure, your mind would be tired and there is no doubt that one would wish to relax. Since busy hours seldom give time for relaxation or holidays, you cannot expect to have one. It may not be possible to leave your office during work hours. You could definitely find a solution to this and reading more about strong magnets will help you to have a good idea about the same.

Magnets are quite attractive and it is something that always makes people curious. Everyone wish to spend some time with them in hand due to their ‘attracting and repelling’ feature. Think about a fun tool that is made of strong magnets. Well, they are nothing other than buckyballs that are made of strong magnets like neodymium.

About Buckyballs

Buckyballs are small spherical magnetic balls that are composed of strong magnets. These balls possess two poles and one is the positive pole and the other is the negative pole. One attracts and the other repels. You can make attractive structures and forms using these tiny balls. You can create different shapes and designs using it. There is no doubt that they can offer you unlimited fun.

You need not follow any kind of instructions for making different forms using it. You can simply enhance your creative skills and create different shapes that can be interesting to look at. You will find it to be a great stress relief tool and this can offer you 100% entertainment.

Tremendous Work Pressure

              Buy Strong Magnets


KlikyBalls are strong magnets that are spherical in structure. They are made of rare earth strong magnets and possess two poles. They can be considered as a lifetime toy to play with. Adults who experience great work pressure will definitely start wondering about this stress relief tool. They will feel relaxed after spending time with it. It is quite easy to create geometrical structures. They can be useful for making atomic structures as well. KlikyBalls can be considered as the best way to make attractive models. You will never feel like keeping them down.

You can twist, crush and mold KlikyBalls in different ways. You can purchase KlikyBalls online and place your best creation in the living room shelf or office desk!

Create Endless Geometrical Shapes With Klikyballs For Science Projects

Science Toys

Science Projects

Bucky balls are strong magnetic spheres. They come in sets. A standard set of bucky balls contain 216 magnetic spheres. There are multiple uses withy bucky balls. For some, bucky balls are stress balls. They use them to alleviate their stress. For kids and children, bucky balls are Science Toys. Bucky balls allow them to create various types of geometrical shapes, both 2D and 3D.

If you are looking for a cheaper but brilliant Science Toys for your children, if you are in search of an effective desk toy, if you are feeling bored and want a cheaper but creative means to pass your time, then buy bucky balls and see its magical powers by yourself.

Bucky balls as an effective means to relieve stress

Stress is an ill feeling that you should get rid of at its very onset. Failing to overcome stress effectively when it arises could affect a person mentally, physically and psychologically. Stress can make people weak and affect their productivity and social behaviour. The primary reason behind most suicide cases is stress. But, stress is a feeling that you can overcome effectively.

It is not abnormal if you are haunted by stress. Anyone can come across the feeling of stress at certain points in their life. The common tendency among people when they come under stress is to smoke or drink alcohol. Educated ones will consult psychologists. But, most of the minor stresses can be overcome effectively with the use of bucky balls, which are popular Science Toys.

 How to overcome stress using Bucky balls?

Geometrical Shapes

Klikyballs For Science Projects

As you know already, bucky balls set consists of 126 magnetic spheres. You can align them with each other to mould different shapes and designs. After one or two sessions of moulding shapes with bucky balls, you will become totally engrossed in it, forgetting all your worries and tensions.

Buckyballs as Science Toys

Even though bucky balls were introduced as a stress-relieving device initially, it turned out to be brilliant Science Toys soon. It helps a person mould geometrical shapes. Many students choose these Science Toys for their academic projects.


These days, it is not easy to get a good bucky ball set because there are hundreds of brands that market them. KlikyBalls is a popular brand that markets strong and durable bucky balls.

You can get KlikyBalls now in various colours. With its affordable price tag of $29.99, KlikyBalls should certainly be the right choice of bucky balls for you.

Fight Stress With The Versatile Klikyballs

Science Toys

                 Best Science Toys

You might have seen numerous science toys intended to help mitigate stress. The disadvantage of these science toys is that they may not be able to keep away your stress every day. This is because most of these science toys take you through a fixed set of instructions and you may have to follow the certain set of procedures for reaching the solution. Once you find out how to use these science toys, you will start losing interest in them and thus these toys will no longer be effective in keeping you entertained or in reducing your stress.

Advantages and features

So, which is an effective remedy to fight stress? Here are Klikyballs, which are magnetic spheres designed to free your mind from stress and related issues. In this post, we will take you through the various features of Klikyballs and its advantages.

Affordable stress buster

The major advantage of Klikyballs over other science toys is its affordability. The Klikyballs package is priced at 22.99 dollars plus 5.95 dollars for shipping. Keep in mind that other science toys in the market can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Guaranteed results

With Klikyballs, the results are guaranteed. You will not feel tired or bored with Klikyballs. Once you start designing a shape by arranging the balls, you will find it interesting and entertaining. During this process, you automatically forget about the things worrying you. Whenever you finish creating a shape, you can start arranging the balls to create a new shape. As you are trying to design a new shape, you will not be bored as in case of other science toys, which follow a set of laid down procedures.

Stress Buster

             Features Of Science Toys

Six editions

In case of other toys, you may not have much choice of colors. However, Klikyballs come in six different editions or six different colors. You may purchase a combination of these packages so that you can make your designs colorful. The six different colors available are black, gold, silver, green, red and blue.


Keep in mind that Klikyballs should be strictly kept away from the reach of children. This is because these magnetic balls can cause serious injuries or even death if swallowed.

So, if you suffer from work related stress or stress in your family relations, then order Klikyballs today. There are no shipping charges if you order two or more packages together.