Super-Strong Magnets Helps In Technological Growth

Strong Magnets

Neodymium Magnets Are In Great Demand

The neodymium magnets are becoming more popular and the most wanted commercial material that is available due to the advancement in technology. The strong magnets or the neodymium magnets are available in different sizes and shapes. Some of which are cube, arc, disk, ring, block and rod; however there are more shapes such as cylinder and sphere.

Manufacturing these strong magnets involves two different processes. They are either bonded or sintered. Compacting superior alloy powders and then heating up the alloy makes a sintered magnet. When polymers are held together, they make bonded magnets. The bonded magnets are quite strong comparatively.

A sintered magnet is somewhat ceramic and hence, it is breakable while it is solid. Even though a bonded magnet is stronger when compared to sintered magnets, it is not capable of producing surplus energy. A nickel or copper coating is given in the final stages of manufacturing in order to keep it away from corrosion, which includes a smooth finish as well.

In many appliances that we use every day, rare earth magnets are found usually. The demand for super-stronger magnets is increasing with the advancements in technology. If not for the strong magnets, appliances like dryers, refrigerators, washers and vacuum cleaners would not function at all. A rare earth magnet helps a great deal in the functioning of cell phones, flat screen televisions, digital cameras and personal computers.

Neodymium magnets are also used in the automobile industries. Seatbelts, car speakers, air conditioning compressors, electric brakes and motors for electric power steering; almost all have rare earth magnets that support their functionality. Without the help of strong magnets most of the vital components in a car would not have existed.

Rare Earth Magnets

Strong Magnets Can Also Be A Stress Buster


The Klikyballs are strong magnets that stick together, allowing one to mould many shapes. Each of the magnetic balls has two poles, one that attracts and the other one that repels.  You do not need any instructions on how to play with these strong magnets; they do not break and last long as well.

You would not get a better desktoy, which gives you tons of joy and something to fiddle with while travelling. It is one of the best sellers among the toys that adults prefer. You cannot simply resist playing with them, as it is a good stress buster. The neodymium balls are available in different colors as well.

With the help of these neodymium magnetic balls, it is possible to interpret geometrical shapes and structure of chemical compounds. Order now and grab a pack of the 216 strong magnets!